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What we offer?

Our Services

Renaissance is the one stop solution for all our studying abroad needs. We offer counselling and assistance right from selecting the best course for you in the best country, to test preparation, application and visa assistance>

If you have a dream to study abroad, Renaissance will help you live it.

Counselling Service

Which program should I pursue? Should I go for a Technical program or a Management one or an integrated program?

These questions stress every student pursuing any degree.

Having helped over 18,000 students successfully chalk out the roadmap for their careers, Renaissance has become the premier institute for anyone aspiring to enter into the top-notch programs around the world.

At Renaissance, we first evaluate a student’s profile, scrutinize his/her career aspirations and understand the student’s limitations to provide him/her a detailed assessment of the career options s/he can pursue.

We guide the students to make informed decisions on all the fronts: Type of program, University and the location (India or Abroad).

Working with students across all the stages of their application enables us to understand their profile thoroughly and also gives the students enough time to figure out the universities and programs best suited for them.

This overall guidance program has been the hallmark of our success. Consistent and qualitative engagement with our team and our alumni has helped students make the most balanced career choice and thereby carve a successful career for themselves.

Profile Building Service

When applying to any institute in India or the world, generally every student focuses only on their current CGPA/marks. This is obviously an important component of the application. However, as the statement suggests, it is but one of the many components that form one’s overall “Profile”.

At Renaissance, we firmly believe in helping our students through the tedious process of building up their resume. We try to inculcate in them a sense and drive of ‘Research-oriented’ learning and approach. In our vast and varied experience, we have observed how the overall profile of the student, many-a-times tends to overshadow even major academic flaws!

What does the profile comprise?

A good profile generally checkouts all the following parameters:

  • Good academic track-record (CGPA or percentage marks obtained)
  • Current and relevant projects (Original work)
  • Internships or industry experience
  • Research work: paper presentation or publication
  • Any additional Certification
  • Extra and co – curricular achievements

By working with them individually, and understanding their areas of interest. We suggest options that would help the students out in the best possible manner and ensure the best version of their story is reflected in their Resume or Statement of Purpose.

Consultation and VISA and Post-VISA Service

For students who wish to go abroad, we provide them with complete assistance – right from filling the application forms for the universities, to preparing and applying for the VISA.

Getting a student VISA is considered to be the final step for a student to start his education abroad. However, at Renaissance we strive to not only help the students secure their student VISAs, but also help them gain a head-start in their educational programs. Once the students acquire their VISA they become eligible for Renaissance’s pre-departure sessions and also get access to Renaissance’s Global Student’s Association.

Pre-departure Session’s Highlights

  • The types of medical tests a student needs to complete before going to US
  • The safety and security measures you need to be careful of
  • Foreign Exchange conversion options
  • Health insurance options (Indian providers and international providers)
  • Insights on how to maximize your interactions with the professors in your university
  • Opportunity to interact with alums and current students

Global Student’s Association

  • Connect with 2000+ alums of Renaissance
  • Gain access to the professional opportunities across US, Canada and Germany
  • Get first-hand information on how to furnish your resume and how to network with industry professionals
  • Share your profile and gain inputs on the measures to strengthen your profile
  • Learn about the networking opportunities to meet and connect with industry professionals

University and course selection and Application Service

Selecting one’s course and prioritizing universities to apply to in India, also is as important a process as the one we follow when applying to top universities abroad.

With a plethora of universities and courses to choose from, sometimes students find it a little tricky to focus on the important things and end up applying to and getting accepted in universities that many not be the best fit for them.

Our trained and experienced mentors guide each student of Renaissance to pick a course and college that best suits their own abilities and aspirations. We generally follow the three-pronged macro approach: Specialization that the student seeks, their budget for the degree and the location that best allows them to get a job in the industry they wish to pursue.

We cater to students from all academic levels and all walks of life. Hence, to maintain quality and high standards, we ensure the mentoring process is individual-oriented and completely personalized.