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About GMAT

The Graduate Management Admissions Test(GMAT) is a Computer Adaptive Test for candidates who are looking to pursue a graduate management program such as MBA. Conducted by the Graduate Management Admissions Council(GMAC), the GMAT tests a candidate’s Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical and Integrated Reasoning skills.

Exam Pattern

About GMAT Exam

  • The overall test time for GMAT is 3 hours and 27 minutes.
  • You can alter the order in which the individual sections appear in your exam.
  • The overall GMAT score is 800, which is equally divided in the Quantitative and Verbal sections.
  • The Integrated Reasoning section is evaluated on the scale of 0-8 and the Analytical Writing section is evaluated on a scale of 0-6.
  • You obtain the scores of Quantitative, Verbal and Integrated Reasoning sections on the spot. The score for the Analytical writing section is available 8-10 days after your exam.


The GMAT examination is considered for admissions to various post-graduate programs, mostly management programs. The exam has no pre-requisites for any candidate who is willing to take the test.

Important Facts

  • The score of the GMAT exam is valid for 5 years.
  • The GMAT is an online exam.
  • GMAT is a question-wise adaptable exam.
  • The GMAT exam can be scheduled throughout the year.

Coaching Platform GMAT

  • 2.5-3 months Classroom coaching.
  • Exclusive focus on Data Sufficiency and Grammar portions
  • 7 Full-Length Online mock GMAT tests.
  • Detailed analysis for your writing responses on an individual basis.
  • Access to all standardized prep and testing material and 200+ books at the Renaissance library.