Which program should I pursue? Should I go for a Technical program or a Management one or an integrated programs?

These questions stress every student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

Having helped over 17,500 students successfully chalk out the roadmap for their careers, Renaissance has become the premier institute for anyone aspiring to enter into the top-notch Bachelor's and Master’s programs around the world. At Renaissance, we first evaluate a student’s profile, scrutinize his career aspirations and understand the student’s limitations to provide him/her a detailed assessment of the career options he/she can pursue. We guide the students to make informed decisions on all the fronts: Type of program, University and the location.

Working with students across all the stages of their application enables us to understand their profile thoroughly and also gives the students enough time to figure out the universities and programs best suited for them. This overall guidance program has been the hallmark of our success. Consistent and qualitative engagement with our team and our alumni has helped students make the most balanced career choice and thereby carve a successful career for themselves.

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