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Career Counselling

As they say, ‘Well begun is half done’, Renaissance’s expert counselors help students take the first step right. The first level counselling involves giving a career road map, explaining the requirements of admissions, and informing the aspirants on steps to build a good profile.

Test Preparation

Intensive classroom coaching, enlightening discussions of test patterns and approach, doubt solving sessions and a battery of topic tests form the core part of Test Preparation.

University Selection

Application to the best universities based on one’s academic credentials and test scores, help in drafting of SOP and LORs, and VISA guidance are the topmost priority of the well-researched team of Renaissance Consultancy.

We also offer post-visa assitance

Post Visa Assistance

Renaissance conducts Pre-departure orientation for all students who have procured VISA and provides access to the vast students’ network in Universities abroad.

Increase your expertise in business, technology and personal development

Renaissance literally means rebirth. For all of us at Renaissance, this is key to how we undertake the immeasurably important task of imparting the best quality of knowledge and education to all of our students.
This also reflects in the batch sizes, which are limited to maximum of 20 students in GRE, CAT, CMAT, MHRM/MSW, CLAT, IPM and other Post-12th National Entrance Examinations. For courses including SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and the long term Post-12th courses, we further limit the strength to a maximum of 15 students.

  • High Quality Education
  • You can learn anything
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We understand that having numerous options makes it harder for you to decide what is best for you. Which is why, we offer FREE CONSULTAION to students and help them decide their career path.

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